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Carl Joseph

Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

Did you the know the founder of communism (Karl Marx) was once a Christian but his heart later became filled with hatred for God? This sentiment was expressed in his letters and poetry in the early 19th century whilst studying at the University of Berlin. In his studies he was introduced to Hegelian philosophy which later inspired him to birth communism. Marx authored the paragon of anti-God rhetoric in his Communist Manifesto. Socialism and progressivism have become the modern-day monikers which cloak the subversive communist agenda. This ungodly philosophy has become the socio-economic mantra for ivy league professors and a platform for indoctrinating our youth. Was Marx’s life an example for us to follow or a clarion call for the road to reprobation? Tune in now…

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“Friend, today we will discuss the ever present and pervasive dangers of Socialism in our culture. Now I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of Karl Marx, the so-called father of Marxism also coined as Communism or Socialism in today’s dialect. But did you know that Karl Marx was a God hater, and his main aim was to usurp the moral and economic foundations of society, with a pamphlet called the communist Manifesto?

Now, Karl Marx was born in Trier, Germany on May 5th 1818 and later died in London, England in March of 1883. His father was a successful lawyer and was devoted to the teachings of Voltaire and Kant. Karl was the oldest surviving boy of nine children and of Jewish descent. Now, what is not commonly known is that Karl Marx was a professing Christian in his youth and his first book was entitled, The Union of the Faithful with Christ. However, beginning in his early to mid 20’s a very sharp U-turn was made by Marx in his theology; to the point of abandoning his Christian faith and later embracing full scale Atheism. Proof of his recantation was later revealed in several of his personal poems where he expressed his disdain for almighty God.

Now many believe that Marx’s Christian faith was warped by one of his teachers named Bruno Bauer, a young lecturer in theology at the University of Berlin where Marx studied. Bauer contended that the Gospels were a work of pure fantasy and not to be regarded as historical source texts. In fact, Bauer later questioned the existence of Jesus Christ altogether as historical fact. It was during his studies in Berlin under the tutelage of Bauer that Marx’s faith was rocked to the core and sowed the very seeds of his apostasy from Christ. This apostasy was later evidenced by the words he penned in several of his poems, expressing his repugnance for God. Karl Marx wrote the following in his poem, Invocation of One in Despair… “So, God has snatched from me my all. In the curse and rack of destiny. All his worlds are gone beyond recall, nothing but revenge is left to me! I shall build my throne high overhead.” Friend, this statement of building a throne in the high heavenlies and avenging God, is reminiscent of Lucifer’s rebellion, described in Isa 14:12-15. In yet in another poem, Marx made this statement, and I quote, “I wish to avenge myself against the one who rules above.” And in a letter written by Marx to his father on his 55th birthday he said,” My soul was true to God, is chosen now for Hell.” and he later added,” I am great like God. I clothe myself in darkness like him.”  

Cleary any love that Marx had for the Lord Jesus Christ was later turned to repulsion and this motivated him to write a document called the Communist Manifesto in defiance of existing Judeo-Christian values. Marx later went on to join the Young Hegelians society the same society that based its ideology upon another German, George Hegel, who taught the manipulation of society’s masses via the principle of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. In time, Marx was eventually converted to communism by Moses Hess who was called the communist rabbi. Now, during his lifetime Marx travelled from as far as Germany, to Paris, Brussels, London and eventually Algiers. He was described by those around him as curmudgeonly, angry, subject to outbursts of violence and mostly in a depressed state of mind.

Now let’s define some terms…Socialism is governmental control of all assets and activities. Whereas Marxism in its purest form is using the power of the state to take money from some groups of citizens and giving it to other groups also known as the (“redistribution of wealth” or “social justice”). Liberalism is a broader term that encompasses both Marxism and socialism. So, whenever you hear the term liberal friend, understand that’s its proper definition is embracing the tenets of Communism in some form. In the modern vernacular, Progressivism is a synonym for liberalism. Because there is so much overlap between these various definitions, we use these terms interchangeably in society, but few understand their true meaning today.

So, in 1848 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels authored the Manifesto of the Communist Party and served as the platform of the Communist League. It became one of the principal programmatic statements of the European socialist and communist parties in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This Manifesto friend provided the most ungodly economic agenda ever devised, by a man who held a deep-seated hatred for the God and whom the co-author once loved. The truth is from the very beginning and as part of the curse; man was to eat bread by the sweat of his brow and was judged individually by God. This dastardly Communist Agenda was to strip the individual from gleaning the fruit of his toil and placing the means of production solely in the hands of the government, which has proven to be corrupt in every century of mankind. If the individual no longer had a motive to work for personal reward, then he’d stripped of power in his household and this goes directly against God’s dominion principle, where man is to have dominion over the earth and subdue its resources, gaining direct remuneration for doing so. You see, to empower the government is to disempower the individual and this is where communism as a whole goes against every tenet of scripture and is a nefarious agenda, concocted by Satan to thwart the harvest of man’s individual efforts.

It also involves an economic theory that everyone should contribute to society to the extent they’re able and should receive from society according to their need. Unfortunately, this is too idealistic and fails to consider the sinful nature of man and fails to deal with motivation and self-interests of each person contributing. Friend, God blesses the work of our hands, not the hands of someone else to bless us. His kingdom is activated by faith, not need. It’s true that neither pure capitalism nor socialism can work perfectly in society because man is corrupted by sin, yet capitalism does reward the individual for his labor but the incentive for advancement is stripped under the socialistic model.

Now most people who haven’t studied socialism, have a soft side for it because they believe it’s merely the government’s vehicle to redistribute wealth to the poor and needy and so what is all the fuss about Pastor? Well friend, if you’ve spent time reading the work of Marx you will be shocked. And I’m going to read excerpts from his manifesto to you right now on air…. Firstly, it abolishes all personal property placing it in the hands of the state or government, it abolishes the precious rights of family inheritance form one generation to the next, It believes in the power of one centralized bank being an exclusive monopoly to devalue money at their discretion, it places all censored communication and transport in the hands of the state, stripping the freedom of its people, it declares all goods and services production belong to the state, all education to be free for all on the basis it be state run and the children subject to their indoctrination and censorship, and finally amongst others, the redistribution of wealth from one people group to another at the governments discretion.

Friend, in his own words, Marx said this, “The theory of communism may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” That’s property taken from you and placed in the hands of the government…sound fair? I don’t think so. And that includes your children too, who are merely trained future workers for the state. Also, family is a word that diametrically opposes the Communist Manifesto because according to socialists, we are all a part of the collective that makes up the servant class of the elite. Socialism may sound fair on the surface friend, but it’s rooted in inequality and theft. Our children are owned by the state in their socialistic ideal and friend the Bible speaks explicitly against the children’s education being transferred over to the state. This is something right-out of George Orwell’s 1984 novel, yet in truth, since 1918 government mandated education has been up and running in the US with homeschooling at near extinction. That means that many of the tenets of Socialism are already in effect within our society and future generations will not be educated in God’s principles first and foremost, but their allegiance will lie with the government that educated them and statistics show unfortunately, that Millennial’s currently favor big government.

In sharp contrast the tenets of Adam Smith who some claim to be the father of modern-day economics is built upon Judeo Christian principles of free trade, reward for the individual, limited government, and the means to participate in the generation of wealth. And I agree with John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods when he said and I quote “Business, working through free markets is possibly the greatest force for good on the planet today….Business increases prosperity, ends poverty, improves the quality of life, and promotes health and longevity of the world’s population.”

Now, like him or not, President Trump has in his four-year tenure as President, revitalizing the free markets within the United States as part of his ‘make America great again’ effort, unhinging us from the train of Globalism, and making good on his campaign promises. He has brought back desperately needed new jobs to this country amid the debacle of the previous presidential administration. For the past eight years; the socialist President Obama implemented his openly socialistic agenda under the mantra of “Change has come to America,”  which resulted in none other than increased surveillance upon all citizens, Inheritance tax incorporated at the federal level in 23 states as of 2012, doubling the national debt, facilitating illegal immigration, the transfer of over one half of all property in the western states now under the ownership of the government, the disastrous launch of socialized healthcare in line with European nations and finally, racial polarization like never before seen in this nation under any previous President. When it comes to government workers, we are being swamped by them. At the end of Obama’s tenure, there are two government employees for every manufacturing worker in the United States. I’m all for government workers but they need to be in balance with our society and private industry should have the lion’s share of jobs.

The reality is, the “change” Obama warned us about was a change from the traditional practice of free market economy to one of governmental subjugation and perhaps because of Americas ignorance to his hidden agenda, it was too late to stop it once he was in power. Now there is a man who lives in a basement in Delaware, who sometime frequents the White House, and his name is Joe Biden. Many pundits believe Mr. Biden is currently living out President Barak Hussein Obama’s third term. Time will tell.

Friend, if you think thoughts, words and ideas on paper aren’t dangerous considers this. In the period of Roman Emperors who viciously opposed Christianity, for 400 years the number of Roman citizens killed by them is thought to be approximately 8 million. But under the antichrist principles instigated by Marx and carried out by dictators such as Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung, the death toll of the Communist practitioners topped out at a staggering 200 million throughout the 19th and 20th centuries alone! Truth is that all socialistic endeavors have ended up with its populace in the gulag and/or killed. The doctrine of Socialism, which is lauded by most ivy league professors in our universities today and touted as benevolent in the eyes of most Millennials, was in fact devised from the pit of hell and carried out by an angry God hater who had seven children, five of which died prematurely and the two daughters that outlived him eventually committed suicide. Clearly Marx believed his tenet of the state running one’s household because he certainly abandoned his own. Truth is, his wife and children lived in abject poverty and starvation for most of their lives, eventually leading to their ruin. The famous historian Paul Johnson once said that “Karl Marx has had more impact on actual events, as well as on the minds of men and women, than any other intellectual in modern times.” If this is a true statement then sadly Marx’s legacy has led to nothing but despair, misery, poverty and eventually death to the majority of his followers.

As I said before, the Communist Manifesto devised by Marx and Engels was an ungodly agenda to undermine God’s ruling authority in society, making the government God instead, stealing wealth from one people group, and giving it to others along with the abolishment of all personal property. Yet today Bernie Sanders and President Obama have touted socialism in the modern era and re-packaged it for the younger generation in a manner that seems appealing to those who’ve never taken the time to research the founder of its ungodly creed, Karl Marx. Friend, without God’s word we are truly lost in this world, and I ask you kindly to view all economic proposals in light of God’s word and don’t get carried away with charismatic orators who promise the world yet deliver another vehicle for enslavement to debt and the government, the loss of personal property and freedoms.    

At this juncture friend, I feel an urgency to remind our listeners that God has not abandoned America. We must not lose hope. God’s not going to let America fall into the hands of globalists after investing four hundred years into is fabric. I have taken this to the Lord in prayer many times and sincerely believe God is working behind the scenes to uproot the Marxist agenda from top to bottom in our governmental structure. I believe this year of 2022 is a key year and we will see God’s hand move. The globalists boast of a great reset, to wipe out the middle class and bring us back to the feudal system that their aristocratic forefathers enjoyed but I firmly believe God has his own great reset, resetting us from ungodliness to righteousness in Christ. This nation is being restored to its Judeo-Christian roots and will not be unhinged. It has taken a great fight thus far, but even now we are beginning to see an unraveling of the leftist agenda.  People are seeing through the lies. After nearly two years of globalist onslaught from a COVID pandemic that appears to have been deliberately orchestrated (and that investigation remains underway), we are now seeing the public wake up and contend for the freedoms that were stripped from them. Rest assured friend, we have a bright future in this nation and the Spirit of God reminds me of this. There is still yet one awakening that remains before Christ returns.”

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