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Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

Although this episode was recorded in 2017, its warnings are still pertinent today. America is under an all-out assault from globalist forces which seek to unhinge the nation from its Judaeo-Christian ideals and mold it into a ‘new order.’ Every traditional value is under attack. Moral and civil boundaries outlined in God’s Word are being redefined by the secularist zeitgeist, for this new world order. Are you ready to defend your freedoms in a nation which has been hijacked by socialistic philosophies? The outcome of this year’s election will seal America’s fate forever. Everything is at stake. It’s time to stand up for what you believe. Join Carl now…

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Friend America is under attack. I repeat America is under attack but not from missiles or tanks or by air or sea. No friend this attack is done under the radar, subversive, clandestine, by stealth, in the hush of night under cloak and dagger with its sole aim to strip us of our God given liberties by introducing a socialistic agenda that will be the vehicle to bring in a New World Order. You see, under President Obama his socialistic agenda was trucking along nicely for 8 years straight until it finally crashed headlong into the brick wall of Donald Trump’s presidency. As you know, America is the last bastion of freedom that stands in the way of a sinister and subversive Globalist agenda.

Their desire is to create a ruling oligarchy from the top down and akin to the old feudal system outlined by the Fabian Society. America has long been the spear that sticks in the eye of globalist domination and right now President Donald Trump is the tip of that spear. People commonly think that during times of war that nations are their most vulnerable yet what is often overlooked is that during peace time, when our guard is down, we are potentially the most exposed to nefarious internal forces that seek to corrupt the nation and its highest office. It’s during peacetime that the enemy tries to strip us of that which has been gained from the spoils of victory when no-one’s paying close attention. Consider Great Britain for example and its vast empire at the time.

Britain ruled a quarter of the world from around 1800-1914 and found itself on the winning side of the Second World War thanks to the allies of course. Yet within just weeks of this monumental victory the British public voted Winston Churchill out of power. What then transpired was the entrance of the Labor party into the political fray (which is equivalent to the democrat party over here). Labor was a very liberal government headed up by Clement Atlee. The first thing they did was to destroy our impressive military at the time. They then created a very expensive and unsustainable welfare state in which the middle class was stripped of its wealth to fund these policies. Vast resources were also drained from the private sector and the empire as a whole, in order to sustain these liberal initiatives.

Sadly, within just three years of the Labor Party coming into power, this liberal regime demolished the British Empire, despite having been in place for just over a century. Amazingly, it took just 3 years for the Labor Party and their liberal policies to destroy the British Empire which took over 100 years to build. Winston Churchill was of course re-elected later in 1951 but by then it was too late to recover what had been lost. This friend is how dangerous socialistic initiatives can be to a nation, giving away all that’s been amassed over decades of intensive effort. Evidently a nation can destroy itself without any existential threat and the loss of the British Empire is a prime example of this. Indeed, enemies of the state, both foreign and domestic are an ever-present threat to us all, yet it’s the domestic threat that’s the direst at this point in time.

And today I wonder how other nations around the world perceive the US right now with its internal wrangling and power struggle from within. There is a fierce leadership struggle going on and some believe it could lead to civil war if we’re not careful or let our prayer guard down. Our president really needs prayer to circumnavigate the harsh seas of political leadership. One wonders if the current civil unrest and banishment of confederate statues is merely by accident or part of a more sinister and deliberate agenda to undermine the unity of this nation. I suggest it that it is.

In the past few months President Trump has been falsely labeled as a white supremacist and racist bigot by a liberal media, whose sole agenda to undermine his presidency as illegitimate and build a case for his impeachment. This is of course is founded upon a false narrative that Russia hacked our recent election. This narrative will fall on its face surely because it has no basis in truth. There’s not one shred of evidence for this claim and there never will be because it’s built upon a foundation of lies. In an historic election, Donald Trump was elected as president by the hard working people of this nation.

Oh dear friend, please be praying for your President right now. He and his close cabinet are the only thing standing in the way of the agenda to hand this nation over to the United Nations and make it a socialistic country once and for all. This has been the plan of its enemies all along. Our current President, whom I believe is God sent, is currently a wrecking ball against their socialistic and Globalist agenda. President Trump, whether you believe him to be of godly character or not, is doing an about face to the previous administration and passing executive orders and policies, opposing the socialistic agenda of the previous eight years.

The truth is, we have a President in office having no particular allegiance to any party except the people of this nation and the flag which flies over the White House. And all Hell has literally broken loose because of it. Trump you see is a unilateral thinker, a self-made billionaire and has no need to even run for presidency other than his love for America and desire to make it great again. You see, President Trump has never been initiated into the esoteric orders that most Presidents have been and that makes him a threat to the other leaders who have. What’s also ironic is that he was the man in 2011 who questioned the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate which was later found out to be fabricated by two independent forensic investigations.

Let’s not forget, at the close of President Obama’s administration, this country was on a precipice, about to fall into the abyss of Globalism resulting in the loss of freedoms hard won by our founding fathers and the precious constitution upon which the Republic stands. And statistics prove it. Consider this… in 2015, David Kupelian wrote a book called, “The snapping of the American Mind,” and in his publication he commented upon the dire condition of the American Nation at the time, and I quote,” Compared with the shining and vibrant nation it once was, today’s America has become a different country: deeply and angrily divided, unable to deal with crises foreign or domestic, the world’s greatest debtor nation with 50 million people on food stamps, rampant divorce and family breakdown, unprecedented sexual anarchy with 110 million with Sexually Transmitted Diseases, almost 60 million abusing alcohol, and over 70 million taking mood altering drugs. On so many levels, America is becoming ever more “bizarro” and diametrically opposed to logic and common sense.”…Un quote.

Now I’m not saying President Obama was responsible for all of this, certainly not. Maybe we should have prayed more for him. Yet the symptoms that Kupelain describes here are self evident of a nation that has largely turned from Yahweh God and its people are suffering because of it. As our morality goes, so the nation goes but revival is the one thing that can turn it around at any moment and we continue to pray for it and so should you.

Kupelian went on to say that suicide has surpassed car crashes in the US as the leading cause of injury leading to death. An alarming 1 in 10 school girls are reportedly cutting themselves in a form of self harm with either a razor or knife. In his book The Death of the West, Patrick Buchanan discusses a hidden agenda by socialists also known as ‘progressives,’ to take out the West, by employing a hidden Communist agenda. Buchannan describes how socialists or Marxists, aim to change our culture and in doing so, the power of the nation will fall into their laps. But to change the culture requires a slow takeover of educational and regulatory institutions, the arts, cinema, theater, radio, newspapers, magazines and every facet of entertainment media. Buchannan says that as these facets of culture are captured or converted, the people will effectively have no choice but to embrace this new socialistic agenda without even realizing it. It’s like the proverbial frog boiling slowly in the pot not realizing he’s boiling to death until it’s too late. And that’s where we’re at friend, our culture is reaching boiling point.

By changing the culture away from Gods standard for acceptable behavior, the culture becomes subject to the manifestation of gender as choice, gender-less bathrooms, stripping the nation of historical statues and landmarks, so that we forget our cherished history and escape from the oppression of the King’s rule. Another observer Phyllis Schlafly, boldly defines the main aim of progressives today, in her book entitled, Who killed the American Family and I quote…” The goal of progressives is to break down the American Family, destroy parental authority, deny right and wrong, reduce family autonomy and get as many people as possible dependent on government programs. That’s why liberals, especially feminists, wage a persistent attack on the institution of marriage and traditional family structure.” As anyone who’s studied Marxism knows, the family is an enemy to socialism because according to its founder Plato, in his work The Republic, everyone must have sole allegiance to the government not the family, yet we know a tight knit family structure is the foundation of a stable and productive society.

Friend, whether you realize it or not, in the past decade, this nation was thrust into a very dark place by the leadership of an overt socialist called President Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama’s policies proved time and time again, that he did not harbor an agenda for the betterment of this nation via free market capitalism but held to a more secretive socialistic agenda, which desired for America to conform to Marxist ideals. Obama increased the national debt to unprecedented levels of $1.5 trillion each year from 2009 through to 2011. For 232 years dating back to the inception of this nation in 1776, the cumulative national debt was 8 trillion dollars yet Obama effectively doubled our national debt within two years!

In another explicit act of socialism, Obama destroyed the most admired healthcare system around the world, claiming, quote…”you can keep your doctor,” yet he caused millions of insured Americans to lose their health care coverage despite his promise, because of sky-rocketing premium prices and many doctors simply quit the industry due to their frustration. Friend, his ideals of socialism nearly brought this nation to its knees. President Obama was the first true socialist President since the founding of America and the country nearly went under because of it. His cabinet was run by unqualified people who never had any private sector job experience outside the ivory towers of academia. When he ran for president he had a conversation with Joe the Plumber. In October 2008, Obama said to Joe, “I think you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” That’s right…taking your hard-earned money and giving it to someone else…Sounds fair right? The president repeatedly went on to talk about raising tax levels` on the rich, but these people weren’t rich, merely hard-working middle-class people whom President Trump desires to assist in his coming tax reform.

Since President Trump has been in office he has shown tremendous leadership by steering America in a new course, and one that brings hope. On the economic front, he directed the United States’ withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership which is a dagger to the heart of Globalists. One of Trump’s most significant achievements so far has been the nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as a conservative justice on the Supreme Court. Trump has made good on several campaign promises including placing a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments. And while I’m on the topic we need term limits for all politicians by the way. It was never meant to be a lifelong career but an act of service for a temporary period of time.

And in perhaps the boldest move of all by our President and further confirmation of his unilateral thinking and desire for the welfare of the United States above all else, he pulled out of the Paris climate accord, which as I’ve stated in previous broadcasts is nothing but a globalist money grab to strip people of their wealth under the auspice that man-made carbon emissions are somehow harmful to quote…mother earth. Trump described the Paris accord as a “self inflicted Major Economic wound” and detrimental to the American economy especially. Trump previously called anthropogenic global warming “a hoax” and I agree with him 100%.

As I’ve stated before, climate change is rooted in myth with no scientific proof whatsoever. Proponents of it refuse to discuss the science of the matter, with experts like Lord Monckton because they know they cannot win because truth is not on their side. Kudos to President Trump for having the guts to make such a bold decision in favor of the United States and please join me as we continue to pray for His presidency as the first Epistle of Timothy instructs us to do so.

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