Unleash the Lion within

Someone once said, “A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” A lion stands above the crowd, embracing leadership when others are unwilling. The attributes of a lion speak volumes of what we Christians should aspire to.

A lion is known to be protective, brave, willing to fight when a threat arises and are often loners in the big scheme of things. Lions know that being a leader can be a lonely experience at times but it’s in their nature to act unilaterally.

As king of the jungle, lions possess an innate eminence, and this same sensibility is bestowed to us, because the King of Kings abides within us. This is not arrogance but merely an awareness of our authority and power in Christ, rooted in humility.

Some people are not willing to step out and accomplish what God’s called them to do because of what others might think.

A strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.”

Vernon Howard (American Teacher and Author)

There are several metaphors to describe believers in scripture and one of them is sheep. Sheep undoubtedly need leadership from the Great Shepherd (Jesus). However, Jesus is also described as, the ‘lion of the tribe of Judah‘ (Rev 5:5) and believers are called to be ‘as bold as a lion’ (Prov 28:1). But where does this boldness come from?

Lions are bold, but where does our boldness come from?

Know who you really are

Ultimately our boldness originates from knowledge of our right standing with Christ Jesus. No lion in the wild has an identity crisis but many Christians do. We are spiritually located at the right hand of the Father in a seated position of victory and our feet need to stomp all over the devil’s face! But only those who know their authority in Christ will do so. To find out more about your true identity, click here.

I like to watch videos of animals in the wild on occasion and what amazes me is how bold house cats are. A furry feline never backs down from a confrontation! YouTube is filled with short videos of house cats chasing down dogs when a child is endangered. Others show house cats clawing alligators back into the bayou. Scripture reveals because we are in Christ, we too share some measure of feline traits, having the same temperament that never backs down from a confrontation. I’m not talking about a physical confrontation per se but remaining steadfast in the time of temptation and spiritual onslaught.

We must not allow the opinions of others to prevent us from fulfilling the call of God. We need to take a stand for righteousness in this day and hour. If we do nothing, evil will prevail. Take a look around you, the moral fabric of this nation is quickly eroding. You might be the only godly example to your family, friends or colleagues. How long are you willing to sit on the sidelines? Time to stop purring and start roaring!

Are you on fire for God, lion?…or just on fire

Time to identify with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah

But how do we unleash the lion from within and where does our strength come from? I’m not challenging you to be a lion of your own volition, but to unleash the lion that abides within.

If you’ve made Jesus Lord and Savior, then the Lion of the tribe of Judah already lives within you (Jn 14:23). By believing what God’s word says about you, instead of identifying with your past mistakes or family heritage, your victory is guaranteed! Your identity needs to shift from victim to victor. There are far too many believers going around with a ‘victim mentality.’ This is a dis-empowering mindset which needs to be eradicated swiftly.

Many of us like the sheep status because there’s no pressure in following the herd or the hind quarters of the sheep in front of us. You must realize you’re already a lion and need to act like one. There’s a leadership vacuum today and God is calling hungry lions to embrace their destiny of leadership.

A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.”

It’s Time to Roar !!! – Sometimes all we need is the right opportunity to let the lion come forth…Sometimes all we need is a good kick in the pants!

Sometimes the Lion is only unleashed when the demands necessitate

Sometimes the lion within, only comes forth during a time of duress or calamity, when our back is against the wall. Sooner or later your opportunity to roar will come…when you least expect it. God has prepared you for this moment and it’s just around the corner.

In the opinion of many, Winston Churchill wasn’t qualified to lead Great Britain in the darkest hours of World War II, yet Churchill famously said:

” I was not the lion, but it fell to me to give the lions roar. “

British Prime Minister
WWII (1940-1945)
& (1951-1955)

Little did the naysayers know God had been preparing Winston for his, ‘finest hour,’ all along. In other words, sometimes when no-one else is left to do the job, you must take responsibility and do the roaring yourself! You are not alone…God has prepared you for this hour!

Many people are looking around waiting for the lion or lioness to turn up. Perhaps you share this frustration. Jesus is asking you right now to start roaring on His behalf and He will help you do so.

Courage, strength and leadership are emblematic of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and these traits should be your calling card also…It’s time to roar!

Have you believed on the Lord Jesus Christ? If not, click here to find out more

Author – Carl G.M. Joseph