Your Words Justify You: Part 2 (LIVE)

Episode 151

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Carl Joseph

Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

The Book of James is contentious for several reasons. In fact, Martin Luther tried to remove it from the canon of scripture…but why? Luther didn’t think it expressed the “true nature of the Gospel.” Nevertheless, the Book of James unlocks many secrets for daily living. The pragmatic application of stewarding our tongues, in the context of ‘true religion,’ is highlighted. James reiterates the worthlessness of Christians who claim to be righteous, yet refuse to bridle their tongues. The tree of life (our tongue) must be safeguarded, if we are to prosper in our Christian Walk. Join Carl now as he continues the series…

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Episode 151