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Carl Joseph

Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

UFOs are nothing new, they have been around for centuries. Some of my family members have seen them, and today there are approximately 7000 sightings per year, according to the National UFO Reporting Center. Did you know that Alexander the Great was one of the first historical figures to document a UFO sighting in 329 BC? But where exactly do these UFO’s come from? Are they little green men from other planets or inter-dimensional entities? Could these sightings be the precursor to a great delusion found in 2nd Thessalonians? Let us join Carl now as Christ’s warning of deception in these ’last days,’ holds merit as we investigate the potential source of this UFO phenomena…

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Friend, I’m going to talk about a topic today that quite frankly will not only surprise you but might cause you to think I’m losing my marbles, but bear with me please. I’m talking about UFO’s. Now UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object as I’m sure you’re aware but there’s something vey salient I wish to point out about all UFO sightings, they occur in the air; and more on that shortly. In the United States alone there are approximately 7000 UFO sightings reported each year according to the National UFO Reporting Center but one must also consider that for every sighting that’s reported perhaps there are three times as many that go unreported.  

This flood of sightings really began in 1947, coincidentally right around the time the nation of Israel was established, which is a marker for the end times. The flying saucer story really began on June 24, 1947, when a private pilot, Kenneth Arnold, who was taking part in a search for a missing transport aircraft, saw nine disc-shaped objects flying over Mount Rainier, Washington. He described the objects as “flying like a saucer would if you skimmed it across the water.” Arnold’s devotion to what he saw and professional reputation were beyond question, and his account of the incident was accepted by all authorities at the time as genuine. Newspapers picked up the story and labeled the objects “flying saucers,” and it has stuck ever since. It’s interesting that Washington State remains in the top three of states within the lower 48 that has the most sightings per year, along with California having the most of all, followed closely by Florida, then thirdly Washington state and Texas in fourth place. Now, the UFO phenomenon is burgeoning and not going away as researcher LA Marzulli often says and there are very few Christian researchers who’re willing to give serious discussion to this phenomenon, let alone Pastors who’re willing to talk about it in the pulpit for fear of ridicule.

Now granted there are numerous hoaxes of UFO sightings on the internet and that goes without saying. Of all the sightings out there perhaps as little as 3-5 % fall into the category of truly unidentified objects that exhibit phenomenon which cannot be explained by the natural laws of physics and it’s these elusive and mysterious objects which are my focus today. One of the most spectacular reports of a UFO came from a United States Gemini 4 astronaut, James McDivitt, in June 1965. In orbit, about 90 miles above the earth, McDivitt saw a cylindrical object, apparently with arms sticking out of it, which he took to be another spacecraft with antennae. It appeared to be in free flight over the Pacific, about 3 miles higher than the Gemini capsule. McDivitt took one still photograph and some film. He observed that the object was moving in a parallel path to his own spacecraft, but closing in fast. It then rapidly disappeared from view. When he did inspect the film, the object was “hazily” outlined against the sky. But he remained convinced it was a positive identification. Friend, the reason these sightings cannot be discounted as mere fantasy or illusion is because of the credible witnesses who’ve reported them and there are quite a few astronauts who’ve gone on record about these UFOs also. Aeronautical engineers, weather bureau observers, FBI agents, the armed forces comprising the Navy, Army and Air Force, private pilots, air traffic controllers, and even commercial pilots from Pan American, United Airlines, Northwest, Western and Trans World Airlines, are all on the list of credible witnesses. In the words of Dr. Clifford Wilson, “to an unprejudiced investigator, it would have been hard to find a group better qualified to observe and report on UFO’s“.

Up until the mid-1990’s, a total of about 26 astronauts have reported seeing UFOs while in orbit and I’m sure that number has increased since then. The first sighting was in 1962, and later reports include those made by men aboard Skylabs I, II and III. Captain Ed Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, told a press conference in 1974: “We all know UFO’s are real. The question is, where do they come from?” Friend that’s a bold explanation for an astronaut isn’t it. But what about presidents? Evidentially by their own admission, Presidents Eisenhower, Carter, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush Senior and George Bush Junior have all stated they’ve a UFO at some point. There are several celebrities who’ve seen these flying objects also, including Jackie Gleason, Dan Ackroyd, William Shatner, Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful, John Lennon and several others I could have mentioned.

You know even some of my family members have seen a UFO back in the UK. My aunt saw a cigar shaped object hover over our local harbor in Wales way back in the 1970’s and the area where I come from came to be known as the Pembrokeshire triangle believe it or not, which had numerous sightings during that same period of the 1970’s. Heck we even knew of people who moved to our home town, just to observe the phenomenon. In fact England is pretty high up there in the number of sightings per capita. UFOs appear to be attracted to England’s West Country and Wales of course is even further west than that. The Wiltshire town of Warminster has been designated by some to be the UFO sightings capital of the world and would give Roswell a run for its money according to some.

But what exactly is responsible for these strange sightings in the sky? I would suggest to you this phenomenon is in fact nothing new. Alexander the Great wrote in his personal journal as far back as 329 BC that his army was repeatedly harassed from the sky by two objects resembling “Silver Shields”. In addition, several Roman historians recorded the appearance of fire and silver objects in the sky and one flew over the city of Hadria in 214 AD. In Hungary in 966 AD, two shining and polished objects were reported going to and fro in an erratic fashion. Two similar objects were reported in Japan in 1015 AD. In Cairo Egypt, nearly a thousand years ago, noisy flying objects were seen in 1027 AD. In 1492 just hours before Christopher Columbus landed in the New World, he wrote in his journal that while standing on the deck of the ship he noticed a bright object fall from the sky into the water and then exit the water and return to the skies. He and members of the crew observed other strange lights moving up and down in the distant sky. But what of it Pastor? You’ve told me nothing I don’t know already, what are these things anyway? Well friend, all of these strange lights occur in the air and friend, man was not granted dominion over the air necessarily but the earth, even though he has ventured into flight in the past century. Ephesians 2:1 reads, “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins;wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air.”

Friend, Satan is the deceiver; he is the prince of the power of the air in addition to his title as ruler, prince and god of this world. If you’ll recall also in 2 Cor 11:14, ” And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” In our technological age Satan and his vast minions in the form of principalities, powers, rulers of this world and the spiritually wicked in high places, have shifted their strategy in recent years to present themselves as our interplanetary saviors from a nearby galaxy.

TV, film industry and news media as a whole have recently become obsessed with the idea that we’ve not only evolved as Darwin proposed but perhaps our evolutionary cycle was accelerated or potentially cross pollinated by extra terrestrial’s who visited from another galaxy and the History Channels Ancient Aliens program, now in its 11th series, produced by Prometheus entertainment pushes this false agenda each and every week. Now friend I do believe evil angels visited our planet in the distant past because it says so in Gen 6:1-4 but they were called the “Sons of god” and certainly not our saviors. The well respected and late Bible expert Dr. Walter Martin said in a 1968 interview: “At some point in the near future UFO occupants would begin to interact extensively with people. Their message? We are superior beings— advanced far beyond you earthlings. Look at our technology. But we have come to help and guide you.” Friend God’s word and his spirit is our guide, we don’t need any more guides. But not only do they desire to guide us but even go so far as to claim they are our progenitors.

This popular notion is gaining popularity in our day and age and falls under the title of panspermia. This hypothesis was first coined by Savante Arrhenius, a Swedish Professor of physics who lived from 1859-1927. It gained even further exploration in the recent movie Prometheus, directed by Ridley Scott of Blade Runner and Alien fame. This cosmic evolutionary theory proposes that life was seeded by meteoroids, asteroids, planetoids and now ET’s or aliens in the distant past. In fact, Nobel Prize winner, Francis Crick, co discoverer of the Double helix structure of DNA is one of those who’ve claimed that Earth was started by intelligent extraterrestrial powers in the venerable past. Now friend, it’s obvious that Satan is using this agenda to deceive mankind into thinking that he is God. These so called little green men are none other than demons and or fallen angels posing as benevolent guides from another galaxy, but are secretly hiding a dark agenda in order to deceive mankind into worshiping them instead of Yahweh God our true creator. The truth is friend; they’re not extra terrestrial but extra dimensional having their origin in the spirit realm.

I sincerely believe along with several eschatological scholars this claim that man was seeded by aliens is the very delusion spoken of in 2nd Thessalonians 2:11. If you recall in recent weeks I discussed the ‘falling away’, mentioned in this passage, to be the rapture of the church and how that word for falling away or apostasia, in the Greek language was translated as departed for over 1200 years since Jerome’s Latin Vulgate right up to and including six of the English translations until the King James Version. Well friend, I propose to you that when we the Spirit filled church or restrainer of evil is removed this earth, deception will be rife during the tribulation period and one of these deceptions will be the concept that demon entities and/or fallen angels are our progenitors and mankind should bow down and worship them. I truly believe the only reason this hasn’t happened yet is because we’re still here and this deception cannot happen until we the restrainer are removed. As I’ve said before friend, we have authority over these dark forces, and we should never be afraid of them, In fact some Christians have even encountered UFO’s and noticed they disappear rapidly when the name of Jesus is spoken.

But friend as I’ve said before and will say again, we the church will be long gone before that happens, so do not fear. However, even during this time frame you can see how the evil one is propagating this false idea of panspermia throughout popular culture. It’s as if he’s preparing us for something nefarious down the road. Satan has always desired to be worshiped in place of God ever since his rebellion in Isaiah 14:13 and it’s my heartfelt belief that this burgeoning alien agenda is the final deceptive card he plays in the middle of the tribulation period. Nothing will unite man under one government and one religion like the existential threat of another intelligent species in the universe and this alien deception will be the final catalyst to make it come to pass. Only last week NASA announced the discovery of 7 new earth like exo-planets, three of which are in the habitable zone where water exists. NASA said it’s only a matter of time until another earth is discovered. Not only that, Pope Francis, who came out of the same Jesuit order designed to destroy the Protestant Reformation, and recently claimed that Christmas is a charade and Muslim terror is a myth, said he would ‘baptize aliens’ if they came to the Vatican in a recent homily. He said the Catholic Church has an ‘open door’ philosophy when it comes to alien visitors. Well friend that may be so but historical Pope’s of the Catholic Church would never even consider speaking some of the things Pope Francis has said in the past two years especially.

Friend, we have a ‘closed door’ policy to all things demonic and any alien claiming to be our interplanetary savior. We practice the enforcement of authority and power Christ bestowed to us in Luke 10:19. Friend what was the first warning out of Jesus mouth in the Olivet Discourse in Mat 24:4? “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Friend, deception is rife in these last days and if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. Just be sure that when you’re standing, do so upon God’s Holy Word and not the latest special from the History channel.

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