The True Vine: John Chapter 15

Episode 115

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Carl Joseph

Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

Unlike Old Testament Israel, who failed to produce the fruit of obedience, we have hearts which are cleansed from sin and have the capacity to produce fruit…the question is, will you? In the parable of the True Vine, Christ identifies the Heavenly Father as the vinedresser, who cares and protects the vine and branches (us). The reality is, God expects fruit and is actively involved in our fruit-bearing process. Some folks are simply unaware of God’s desire to bear fruit in their lives but Carl takes the time to share how God does it, in this exciting broadcast…

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Episode 115