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Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

The historical account of a cataclysmic flood in a bygone age is ubiquitous throughout no less than 500 cultures worldwide. Various flood legends throughout antiquity, differ marginally in some details but the core elements remain the same. Even the fossil record testifies of this ancient deluge, yet many naysayers deny the archival evidence of a universal flood in ages past. Did you know the Book of Psalms provides key verses describing Noah’s flood in detail? Are you aware of the numerous underwater cities discovered around the world which corroborate Noah’s flood? Join Carl now for this exciting broadcast…

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Friend, Noah’s flood was real hands down it was a fact, not a ‘story’ as many secularists often couch it. What you really believe that Pastor? I mean come on 8 people get on a boat with a whole bunch of animals for 370 days, are you kidding me? Well, 1 Pet 3:20 reveals eight people went aboard the ark and God’s word is true no matter what we may postulate. Yes, friend there are boats far larger and heavier than Noah’s Ark sailing the oceans today. They also take advantage of God’s ideal length to breadth ratio of 6.5 times as long as wide, being the optimum choice for the buoyancy of vessels as Noah’s ark demonstrated.

Friend, the scientific evidence backs it up, Noah’s global flood was real and that’s what I’m going to cover here today. The fossil record in fact shouts and screams of an archaic, cataclysmic, worldwide deluge but there are even Christians who don’t believe Noah’s flood was real but choose to place it in the category of allegory or metaphor. Friend the Biblical account has come under such attack recently and there are Christians out there who’ve succumbed to the notion that God is real certainly but that He used evolution to create man, wait, what? Our God wasn’t creative enough or smart enough or strong enough to create man from the dust of the earth exactly as He says He did but had to use an unproven, hypothesis by an admitted atheist called Charles Darwin to create us folks?! No friend. My focus today however is not why God sent the flood and I will discuss this in a later broadcast, but right now we’re focusing on the flood as actual fact. May I also remind you I’m a Pastor not a scientist and I’ll do my best to share the data with you.

Friend, let me begin by stating that in 500 cultures around the world, each and every one of them has an historical account of a flood and these are independent records I might add. I will name a few of them for you in a moment. But what does the National Geographic Magazine have to say about Noah’s flood? Well in the article,” Ballard and The Black Sea: The Search for Noah’s Flood”, they wrote and I quote, “Almost every culture on Earth includes an ancient flood story. Details vary, but the basic plot is the same: The Deluge killed all but a lucky few.”

Hans Schindler Bellamy an Austrian author and researcher, in his book Moons, Myths and Men estimates that altogether there are over 500 Flood legends worldwide. Ancient civilizations such as China, Babylon, Wales (sorry I had to get that in there), Russia, India, America, Hawaii, Scandinavia, Sumatra, Peru, and Polynesia all have their own versions of a great flood. In fact friend if we go down the list, we find that there are 35 nations that have intricate historical records of worldwide floods under many different names. There’s also mention of animals coming aboard an ark in almost all accounts. Some skeptics down the years have claimed that the only two cultures that have a flood account in their history would be the Bible and Sumer. Others claim the story of Gilgamesh to be merely a copy of the biblical account. Friend, like I said over 500 cultures share a common worldwide flood event and these cannot be discounted as myth. I will now read for you the 30 nations and their corresponding names and I apologize in advance for the pronunciation of some of these:

1. Australia – Kurnai 2. Babylon – the Berossus’ Account & the Epic of Gilgamesh (having a large ship, built of wood and pitch) 3. Bolivia – Chiriguano 4. Borneo – Sea Dayak 5. Burma – Singpho 6. Canada – Cree & Montagnais 7. China – Lolo 8. Cuba – Original Natives 9. East Africa – Masai 10. Egypt – Book of the Dead 11. Fiji – Walavu-levu Tradition 12. French Polynesia – Raiatea 13. Greece – Lucian’s Account 14. Guyana – Macushi 15. Iceland – Eddas 16. India Andaman Islands & Kamar 17. Iran – Zend-Avesta 18. Italy – Ovid’s Poetry 19. Malay Peninsula – Jekun 20. Mexico – Codex Chimalpopoca 21. Mexico – Huichol 22. New Zealand – Maori 23. Peru – Indians of Huarochiri 24. Russia – Vogul 25. Alaska – Kolusches & Tlingit 26. Arizona – Papago 27. Hawaii – Nu-u 28. Vanualu – Malanesians 29. Vietnam – Bahnar 30. Wales – Dwyfan Legend.

This list was provided by the NW Creation Network after much research and I give credit where credit is due. These flood legends are different in some of their details but the core elements remain the same. Some portion of humanity was housed along with animals in an ark or boat long ago, in order to escape a coming deluge and is ubiquitous the world over. James George Frazer a renowned scholar and author of the Folk-Lore in the Old Testament, said and I quote from page 105, “It has long been known that legends of a great flood, in which almost all men perished, are widely diffused over the world.” Stephen D. Peet another scholar who wrote, The Story of the Deluge, from the American Antiquarian Magazine, Vol. 27, July– August 1905. on page 203 wrote and I quote, “There are many descriptions of the remarkable event [the Genesis Flood]. Some of these have come from Greek historians, some from the Babylonian records; others from the cuneiform tablets, and still others from the mythology and traditions of different nations, so that we may say that no event has occurred either in ancient or modern times about which there is better evidence or more numerous records, than this very one which is so beautifully but briefly described in the sacred Scriptures.

Now believe it or not we have a good description of Noah’s flood in Psalm 104:6-9, let’s read it now:

“Thou coveredst it with the deep as with a garment:
The waters stood above the mountains.

At thy rebuke they fled;
At the voice of thy thunder, they hasted away.
They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys

Unto the place which thou hast founded for them.
Thou hast set a bound that they may not pass over;
That they turn not again to cover the earth.”

Friend, in verse six, God’s word clearly states the waters of the great flood stood above the mountains. So the question we should ask ourselves is this. Is there any evidence in the earth that water stood above mountains at some time in the ancient past? Indeed there is friend. Did you know that millions of seashells and petrified clams have been found on top of Mt Everest! Yes friend, you heard me correctly, that means at the height of 29,000 ft above sea level, we have evidence of sea shells at the highest point on the earth, which corroborates God’s word that the sea levels exceeded the mountain peaks in the great flood.

How do sea shells and clams get to the top of a 5-mile mountain friend? Because Noah’s great flood covered all the mountains of the earth that’s how, just as it says right here in Psalm 104. Sea shells have also been found in the Great Plains, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Jefferson National Forest, and the Anza Borego State Park. Sea shells have been found in some of the most bizarre places. Friend, the flood really was global. Heck, we’ve even found fossils of blue whales in the middle of the desert. The fossils of whales could never have reached these locations without a global flood as the Bible records it. But what other evidence is there? Friend, did you know that cities have been found submerged under the oceans of the earth in various locations around the world? This clearly reveals that at some time in the distant past, sea levels were much lower than they are today and this is verified by the great fountains of the deep being opened up and rain for 40 days, as described in the Genesis account. Underwater cities have been found in Alexandria Egypt, the Bay of Cumbay, India, Kwan Phayao, Thailand, Havana Cuba, Kekova, Turkey, in the North Sea in Europe and finally in Tybrind Vig, in Scandinavian Denmark.

Another reason scientist’s discount a worldwide flood is they contend that biblical creationists ignore the ice age which is well documented. But friend, the reality is, the ice age was actually caused by Noah’s flood. Answers in Genesis provides an explanation of this apparent contradiction in history. Because Noah’s flood was the greatest catastrophe in earth’s history and because the fountains of the deep were opened up in addition to the precipitation that occurred, ice was able to form over approximately 30% of the earth’s surface after the flood. This flood would have reshaped the earth and radically changed its climate at the time. The extreme changes caused by the flood to the earth’s surface would have resulted in Volcano’s during and after the flood and warmer oceans following the flood. It was when God opened up the fountains of the deep described in (Gen 7:11) that these volcanoes would have started. Millions of tons of lava and hot water reservoirs would have spewed from the earth’s surface in the ensuing months and this warm water would prevent the formation of ice in the sea. Consequently, under these conditions snow would fall in the Polar Regions and middle latitudes of the earth, later turning to ice. Creationists believe this ice sheet that covered the Northern Hemisphere was 2300 ft deep and took about 500 years to accumulate. It took a further 200 years for this ice to melt away from all the regions of the earth. Friend, it’s not a question of was there either a great flood or an ice age but both occurred in the distant past and Noah’s flood was the very cause of the ice age in the first place.

And friend let’s not forget the Cambrian explosion, this fossil explosion puts a dagger in the heart of Darwin’s hypothesis of natural selection. Why? Well if you recall, Darwin had a branching tree with a common ancestor at the root of the tree with different modern forms of animals coming from it. According to his theory, in the ancient past you had one form of animal until they evolved into different forms at the top of the tree. But these major differences are not evident in the fossil record. The Cambrian explosion reveals all these animal forms appearing all at once with no record whatsoever of our ancient common ancestor as Darwin hypothesized. Most of the fossil record friend is the graveyard of the flood of Noah’s day and not the result of millions of years of deposition as the secularist’s claim. Variation within the gene pool does not constitute evolution friend. I quote one famous scientist, “The Cambrian explosion has generated extensive scientific debate. The seemingly rapid appearance of fossils in the ‘Primordial Strata’ was noted as early as the mid 19th century, and Charles Darwin saw it as one of the main objections that could be made against his theory of evolution by natural selection.”

Friend, the fossil record shows a sudden emergence of new biological forms and structure and the suddenness of this evidence in the record defies Darwin’s theory that over millions and millions of years these animals evolved into their present forms. As the fossil record clearly shows, the mechanism is not incremental or gradual but sudden and explosive with not one case of a transformational species shown as I stated before in my broadcast, 12 reasons why evolution is a lie. Now believe it or not Darwin did in fact know about the Cambrian explosion and it flew in the face of his hypothesis. His sincere hope was that over time, his transformational species would be found in the fossil record but alas they never were…why? Because God created man folks, that’s why and you don’t have a monkey in your family tree! Darwin’s conundrum was never solved and even today this Cambrian explosion is barely mentioned in text books taught to children in our public schools. Darwin’s tree of life has well and truly been turned upside down by this Cambrian explosion but who even knows about it today? The truth is hard to find friend. Common sense tells us that if animals ‘suddenly’ appear in the fossil record out of nowhere, it’s either evidence of creation or re population after a major event but not evolution. But we know that major event is Noah’s flood as documented in the God’s Holy Word in Genesis Chapter 7.

Then there’s the woolly mammoth of course. Some of these animals have been found frozen in ice showing these frozen living organisms still had undigested food in their stomachs and sea pods in their mouths at the time of their death, in addition to the sudden covering of their bodies with liquid. Does this not describe a very rapid cataclysmic flood that took their life instantly for the world to see? Friend, I have presented a modicum of evidence here today in my broadcast. My fear is that if we don’t reveal the truth in the realms of paleontology, or archaeology or science then who will? Can we leave it all up to scientists to reveal the truth, many of which have a biased view and have never given their hearts to Christ? I’ll leave the answer up to you friend.

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