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Witchcraft is strictly forbidden in scripture but ‘the craft’ is exploding in popularity today, especially amongst young people. Do practitioners realize they are communing with demons when they partake in seances and other occultic practices? God describes witchcraft, as ‘abominable,’ because it leads people to eternal damnation. Because the modern-day church often restricts the display of God’s power, the spiritually hungry have embraced Satan’s counterfeit charismata instead. Join Carl now for a thorough expose on the ‘dark arts,’ and how these ancient pagan practices are being revived in modernity…

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There is a darkness rising throughout this land which many are blind to. Its tentacles reach even the highest spheres of government and industry, its adherents are some of the most intelligent and prominent people in society. Friend, believe it or not, I’m speaking of Neo-paganism a hidden religion, with the tip of its spear being witchcraft or simply known as ‘the craft.’

Now most folk think witches have pointy hats, black cats, ride broomsticks sitting in front of a cauldron, with have warts n all. Yet this pastiche notion of sorcerers from popular culture has tainted most people’s perception of the ‘true’ identity of witches in our culture today. Believe it or not, practicing witches are in fact accountants, doctors, lawyers and even judges amongst other professions. In western culture we think wizards and witches are characters only found in the pages of fantasy novels by authors such as Tolkien, Rowling, Dahl or Hoffman. We are often blind to the supernatural realm in our rationalistic society because of the overriding humanistic roots of our culture.

Humanism denies all things metaphysical, resorting to only what we can touch, taste, see or measure in a test tube. But practitioners of the ‘dark arts’ have known throughout millennia that just beyond the sphere of man’s existence; abide spiritual entities that desire to be utilized by man without his knowing. This is the realm of witchcraft, our topic for today and covers the unsanctioned transgression of men and women into the spiritual realm who serve as mediums or channelers for these demonic entities in exchange for power in the earth. The forces of darkness are very real my friend and not to be trifled with, something that humanists are oblivious too, otherwise the Bible wouldn’t warn so vehemently against the practice of witchcraft within its pages.

We know from scripture that the ‘craft’ as it’s called has been around for thousands of years. Even as far back as the fifth book of the torah, Deuteronomy God warns his people of the abominable act of Witchcraft. I will now read now from Deuteronomy chapter 18, verses 9 thru 12; “When you come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you” (NKJV).

Friend an abomination is so repugnant in the eyes of God that it cries out for instant judgment from Him. Sins that fall under this category are never to be entered into. Now, many historians believe that the modern-day witches descended from the ancient druids that stemmed from Europe and particularly the UK. During the timer of Julius Caesar and Rome’s conquest of the British Isles, he mentioned the druids he encountered on his travels, during the course of the Gallic Wars. In 59 BC Julius Caesar observed the many human sacrifices the druids performed and I quote, “They have much knowledge of the stars and their motion, of the size of the world and of the earth, of natural philosophy, and of the powers and spheres of action of the immortal gods, which they discuss and hand down to their young students.” Hippolytus of Rome, a 3rd century historian, also mentioned these same druids who were supposedly followers of Pythagoras the philosopher.

In 1974, 73 practicing witches who were also neo-pagans, worshiping the mother goddess of the earth, felt that witches were misunderstood in society. They authored the thirteen principles of belief that attempted to define modern witchcraft. These principles became foundational to the practice of modern-day Wicca for the American National Witches Council. Think of it this way, witchcraft is the practice but Wicca is the religion. In fact, Goddess worship, Witchcraft and Wicca are different labels for very similar belief systems and we are going to discuss some of those belief systems in this message today.

But of course, since the year 2000, the most pervasive influence of witchcraft has come through the Harry Potter Series of books by the Scottish author, Joanne Kathleen Rowling. Over 200 million copies of her books have now been printed in over 45 languages and 135 countries worldwide. No other recent phenomenon has done more for the practice of witchcraft than Rowling’s books making her the richest women in Britain in 2007. Many Christians have claimed that she was a failed writer and single mother until one day the story of Potter started to ‘pass through her,’ much in the same way as witches channel spirits. On July 17th, 2000, Rowling said, quote, “The character of Harry just strolled into my head… I really did feel he was someone who walked up and introduced himself to my mind’s eye.” In an interview on a radio program (The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, October 20, 1999), she also admitted that fully one-third of her material is based on actual occultism. During one call-in interview, a wizard excitedly asked Rowling if she was a member of “The Craft;” when she answered ‘no,’ he was shocked and replied, “Well, you’ve done your homework quite well!” He went on to say that he loved the Potter books because they were full of the same occult formulas he regularly used.

Is this a coincidence friend? I don’t think so. Rowling is a puppet for Satan to propagate his agenda through children, enticing them into witchcraft at an early age under the guise of entertainment and made wealthy beyond compare for doing so. She will meet her maker one day and give and account for this depraved act. Friend this is deeply disturbing, children running around with plastic wands bought from the toy store, casting real spells without them realizing.

Now the most ancient definition of the word Witch is more than likely found in the Hebrew word Kashaph, meaning, ‘to whisper a spell to enchant or practice magic.’ But the true source of any witch’s power is their willingness to act as a medium between the demonic realm and humanity. By channeling these dark spiritual entities, they may appear to wield power yet are themselves slaves to these unseen powers. Witchcraft is really nothing more than the practice of occultism, rooted in goddess worship. It’s an attempt to manipulate forces in order to accomplish personal ends, and people all over the world are attempting it today because without Christ they feel like waves tossed to and fro, in the ocean of life, with no direction or purpose.

In some people’s opinion, because of the western Calvinistic churches apathy or unwillingness to operate in the Charismata outpouring of the holy Spirit and power, many frustrated church members have even dabbled in witchcraft or eastern mysticism, because the church is not rightfully demonstrating the power branch of the godhead. Witches inevitably supplant the authority of the God of the Bible with the authority of goddesses and to a lesser extent other gods. Pagan culture and history and now neo-paganism, meaning new or reinvented paganism, is drawing upon the same false beliefs in the female goddesses: Ashtoreth, Diana, Sophia or the Queen of Heaven. The same ‘Queen of Heaven’ by the way that the pope venerated in Chile when he visited it back in February of this year and later went on to say there is no hell, another core belief of those who practice Wicca.

Today there are possibly one million practicing witches within the United States. There are various hotbeds around the world for witchcraft including, South Africa, Chile, the Philippines, the Caribbean islands, (Haiti and the West Indies in particular) and Mexico. The chief among them would be labeled a Shaman or witch doctor who experiments with various herbs to create an altered state in the person to, commune with demons. Some claim that Witchcraft is the fastest growing religion in the United States. The Wicca religion boasts a growth rate of 143% between the period of 1990 and 2011, with membership currently topping one million.

Wicca was introduced into the United States in 1964 by a British expatriate Raymond Buckland who was a practicing Wiccan. Interestingly almost 75% of all New Age proponents also identify themselves as Wiccan’s. And the reason they do so is because at the heart of all witchcraft is the worship of a mother goddess or queen of heaven which goes by many names. According to Wiccan theology, the earth is alive, she is the Goddess. They believe in Pantheism, akin to the Star Wars theology that God is in all, being both good and evil. They also believe in reincarnation and the circle of life; they couch that unseen spirits are here to help mankind and can be trusted. They don’t believe in original sin, or evil or Satan for that matter but I have newsflash, he believes in them, and is leading their souls to eternal damnation unless the change their ways.

When I attended Bible College, I met a gentleman who came from the African Ivory Coast, who later became a trusted friend. He said his father was converted to Christianity and later became a Methodist preacher, yet. Interestingly he explained over coffee one day, that he had come from a long line of practicing witches. His great grandfather was the local witch-doctor of the village. So entrenched were they in the dark arts that whenever someone in the village died, they would be buried, but in this case, no-one carried the coffin to the graveyard. Yes friend, every tribesman of that village would have his coffin supernaturally levitated with no pallbearers. The coffin merely floated its way to the grave-site. Now I know you might find this hard to believe but as a shaman or witch doctor, this local spiritual leader was in control of the demonic hordes at his disposal. In another instance. My friend who is now a traveling evangelist was witness as a young child to a man who would pick apples from a tree. So what? you might ask. But in this case friend, this man didn’t need a ladder, he just went up in the air vertically unaided, anywhere up to 40 ft or so and would pick the fruit from the tree and float right back down to the floor. But how friend, how is this possible?

To our western mindset this is hard to fathom, yet in Eastern culture demonic manifestations are far me prevalent and mostly in areas that haven’t been evangelized for the Gospel. Where there is no light, darkness prevails, and in this African village they worshiped demons posing as their dead ancestors, yet their ancestors were now in either heaven or hell but these familiar spirits would beguile them. You see in order to become a true witch, shaman or wizard, one has to be a medium or channeler of demonic entities. In essence witchcraft is the control of events, via manipulation, intimidation, or domination. True witches will try to upset the natural order of events within humanity, by interacting with demons in the unseen realm.

Yet what these witches don’t realize is that as they come into agreement with these spirits who appear benevolent, they are opening themselves to a measure of demonization that they have no power to be freed from. Friend, there is no middle ground in the spirit realm. Either you’re for Christ or against him. If you venture into the spirit realm without being covered by the blood of Christ you, you venture into unsanctioned and dangerous territory in which there are no guarantees of your safety, because demons are unpredictable, unreliable, but above all, deceptive and cruel. No-one really controls demons; they may feign agreement for a season but they are prone to switch or turn upon the witch who invokes them.

Friend there are no good or bad witches, all witches serve Satan indirectly whether they realize it or not. The bottom line is we should have nothing whatsoever to do with witchcraft and all its machinations. Astrology, tea leaf reading, fortune telling, séances, Ouija boards, palm readings, water divining, and whatever else is under the umbrella of counterfeit manifestations to deceive man. Satan counterfeits the true manifestations of Gods power and for every one of the nine spiritual gifts he has a counterfeit for them. People who are frustrated with their lives sometimes turn to the dark arts for answers but when they do so, they open themselves up to demonic subjugation, that only Christ can deliver them from.

Friend if you have dabbled in these things in days gone by, you have opened a door to the devil that only Christ can slam shut. You will most likely require prayer to release you from this spiritual transgression because unknowingly you ventured into the spirit realm, in which you have no rightful authority without the blood of Christ. If, you require prayer to be released from any such demonic influence, shoot an email to: info@carljosephministries.com, and I will pray for you, friend. The blood of Jesus Christ is far more powerful than anything in the universe.

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