The futility of life without God

Episode 14

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Carl Joseph

Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

Man yearns for purpose but without purpose life is futile. Man’s aching heart cannot be fulfilled unless he knows the very reason for his existence. On a personal level, how can we possibly know our earthly purpose unless we connect with the architect of purpose? In this podcast, Carl shares insight from King Solomon, the wisest and wealthiest man ever to have lived. Solomon’s wide-ranging experiences in search of purpose are captured in the Book of Ecclesiastes. His voyage of discovery led him to one conclusion, captured in the last sentence of the book. His findings are as applicable today as they were three thousand years ago…Tune in now to find out more…

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Episode 14