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Carl Joseph

Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

As the saying goes, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” and truly the collective movement of the New Age is the ‘anything’ in this statement. The question is what do you believe? People are willing to believe just about anything except the truth in this day and age. The rising popularity of the New Age Movement is not only a warning sign of Christ’s imminent return but an indication that our society has reached a tipping point of subjective morality unless God intervenes. Join Carl for this broadcast and found out just how much the NAM has influenced our culture. Will you take a stand?

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“Today friend, I’m going to discuss the New Age Movement. As the saying goes, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” and truly the collective movement of the New Age is the ‘anything’ in this statement. In the modern era, New Age alludes to ‘the divine’ within us all. It is merely man’s futile attempt to attain Godhood without going through the Savior, Jesus Christ. The NAM’s false claim of divinity which resides within us all; can only be explored by contacting the ‘spirit realm’ according to their teachers and this is where the deceptive path down the rabbit-hole to damnation begins. If we attempt to contact the spirit realm outside of Christ, we will not only be deceived, but come to great spiritual harm and ultimately perdition. The New Age Movement also likes to use terms such as ‘love,’ ‘acceptance,’ and ‘inclusivism,’ which sounds benevolent, but the true mantra of the New Age is that you must conform to their dogma, or risk being an outdated and exclusive bigot.

My friend, New Age is truly Luciferian at its core, and some have gone so far as to claim the Emergent Church is simply another branch of the NAM because its teachings are so similar. Someone once said, “Truth is the barrier to unity” and I agree with that statement because truth is sharper than any blade. In their falsely subjective opinion, the NAM believes something can be true for you, but not for me but we Christians know that truth is objective, impartial and universal i.e., there is only one truth, and all the rest are lies. We should always choose truth above unity, or better still, I like what Abraham Lincoln once said, “Be Strong, always choose truth over popularity.” No matter how much peer pressure is placed upon us from other religious worldviews, we Christians must always proclaim the truth, and doggedly refuse to embrace the burgeoning ecumenical movement of today, which is rooted in the New Age Movement. If we place unity above truth, compromise and ultimately deception will ensue.

In simple terms, the New Age is ‘everything but Christ’ because under its umbrella, are adherents or followers of Witchcraft, Hinduism, Paganism, Buddhism, Astrology and Ufology. At the heart of the NAM is the concept of ecumenicity, which brings all religions together and especially apostate Christianity, which ‘accepts’ all other religions under the banner of ‘love’. The ‘love’ of which the New Agers speak is based upon acceptance of all people in their fallen state and an acceptance of their behavior without confronting their sinful nature. Anyone who sticks their neck out to point out immoral behavior will be called out on the carpet as one who resists, ‘the greater good.’ The smorgasbord of all religions including apostate Christianity is vital to the establishment of a universal ‘one world religion,’ which the false prophet will eventually preside over. It’s this cosmic shift of deception that’s transmitted subliminally through popular culture and this Emergent and Ecumenical Church openly embraces the LGBT lifestyle amongst other movements. Those Christians who oppose this view are deemed as ‘simple minded’ or ‘belligerent bigots’ who need to ‘get with the program’ and tear down their prejudiced views opposing an ‘all accepting’ Christ. Well, I apologize up front for being a religious bigot by that definition, because I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s word.

New Ager’s might also exhibit a strong love for the environment, mother earth and Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) which is a belief that man is causing the earth to increase in temperature due to his use of fossil fuels. This New Age belief system has in fact, infiltrated our government, schools, entertainment, industrial and technological forums. So pervasive is this, ‘anything goes’ philosophy that it includes channeling demonic spirits or conversing with spiritual guides, to maximize our human potential. It’s with the help of these ‘spiritual entities’ that man is only able to realize what was lost in his fall (Gen 3:6), and they pose that conversing with demons is the only means to acquire it. The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology offers a concise definition of NAM, “It affirms that humans can resolve all personal and social problems with the help of unseen forces accessible through spiritual insight, meditative techniques, and other psychological and sometimes technological means. The movement is not institutionally unified.

Did you catch that my friend? In other words, the NAM could be defined as ‘talking to demons.’ The NAM is basically old-timey necromancy repackaged for the yuppie, which traffics demons and converses with familiar spirits just as the witches of old once did. In fact, so pervasive is the NAM’s infiltration into society, that we are at the point of no return in terms of its’ global impact, especially upon the youth. It’s a long time since May 25th, 1977, when the ‘force,’ was first introduced upon the scene and Jedi master Yoda later taught Luke the rudiments of the New Age creed. George Lucas was not only a liberal Methodist but avid reader of Carlos Casteneda‘s work, who was a practicing Mexican sorcerer at the time. Lucas said he had a mystical experience when he was six years old and again as a teenager. Evidently Lucas was touched by ‘the dark side’ at an early age and the revelations from these encounters are displayed in his movies to great effect. Film has long been used as a propaganda tool for various schemes in history and entertainment usually has a more sinister motive to push a hidden agenda of which the recipient is unaware.

In fact, New Age is a new form of Pantheism, which is the belief that, “God is all, and all is God.” This belief was also communicated in Lucas’s Star Wars Trilogy. The term states that God is not the sum of the spiritual substance of all, but an impersonal being, or part of a “universal mind.” We know from scripture that God is in all, but also above all, and independent of all, and Jesus is, “the exact representation of his being” and “the image of the invisible God” (Col 1:15). Of course, when one mentions, “all is God,” that includes evil and that my friend is a lie from the pit of hell! The beautiful deception of the NAM is that evil not only remains undefined but is also a necessary part of the false Godhead. As Paul McGuire has stated recently in his book Mass Awakening, “Truth is the new pornography“. Of course, for some, talking to demons is totally cool today (and is even shown on news networks), but dare mention that Christ is the ‘only way'(John 14:6), then get ready for some real persecution my friend. New Agers champion betterment for man with no moral absolutes but instead embrace the attainment of full human potential as their endgame, all the while, denying the inherent evil of man that prevents his potential from being fulfilled. I will now list five of lies that the New Age cult believes:

  1. Man is inherently divine or all things are divine.
  2. All is one and all is God. God is an impersonal consciousness and power.
  3. Jesus was an enlightened teacher but not the Son of God.
  4. Salvation is accomplished by good works and reincarnation but never by grace through faith.
  5. There is no absolute truth. All beliefs are valid.

If this false worldview can be summed up, it would be another version of the serpent’s age-old lie, that we can become ‘gods’ and are on the verge of evolving into them, when the New Age Christ finally appears (Gen 3:5). And it is through communion with Satan and his cohorts that this lie has propagated in the first place. Satan has once again, caused man to look to his reasoning faculties as the means to overcome his downfall and decrepit state, in order to attain godhood. ‘Reasoning was the cause for his fascination of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the first place, but reasoning of the soul will provide no escape from man’s terminal sinful state of perdition. We are admonished in scripture to cast down imaginations and reasoning’s, not embrace them.

Indeed, today we are in the midst of a New Age explosion, but this resurgence really began in the 1960’s. Always remember that the source of these rife deceptions stem from the demons themselves, which seduce men from the truth of the Gospel; in fact, all adherents to New Age philosophies, embrace open and illicit contact with these nefarious spirit beings. Posing as benevolent saviors, these evil spirit beings are ready to steer man in a supposedly ‘enlightened’ path and they’re willing to share esoteric knowledge to advance humanity for our supposed benefit. Interestingly throughout literature, malicious entities continue to warn of dark times ahead for man if he doesn’t align himself with these supposed ‘friendly’ entities.

These ‘other worldly entities’ claim that despite our technological advancements, there is still a spiritual void that needs to be filled and only they can fill it. In fact, the essence of the NAM defines that everyone may attain ‘Christ-hood,’ because ‘Christ’ is an inward state or shift in self-perception, and this spiritual state may be attained by ‘all,’ as part of their ongoing spiritual development. I do not have the time to cover the litany of blasphemous comments made by the latest NAM Guru’s, but I will name them: Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara DeAngelis, LaVar Burton, Richard Carlson, Betty Eadie, Deepak Chopra, Ken Follett and Eckhart Tolle etc. all claim that we may attain ‘Christhood’ without true repentance.

Friend, if you have any books by these people, put them in them trash today. Four of the biggest authors of the New Age in recent history and patriarchs of the movement are Alice Bailey, Teilhard de Chardin, Robert Muller, David Spangler and Benjamin Creme. I don’t have time to discuss the plethora of lies sown by these people throughout the decades, suffice to say let me highlight one of them. No-one has done more to damage the minds of our children more in the past forty years than a man called Robert Muller, who declares himself to be ‘deeply spiritual.’ Muller is the author of the United Nation’s ‘common core curriculum.’ It’s goal? And I quote “to steer our children toward global citizenship, earth-centered belief’s, socialist values and the collective mindset which is becoming the requirement for the 21st century workforce.

These chilling words written in 1995 could have been pulled from the pages of the latest newspaper headlines today as their agenda is certainly being implemented at a drastic pace. This is precisely what Jesus warned that would occur prior to his Second Coming, in his Olivet discourse, saying, “many shall come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ'” (Lk 21:8, Mt 24:23-24). There are twelve people so far, who’ve claimed to be Christ beginning in the 18th century. Yet with the belief that Christhood may be obtained without repentance represent, the ‘many’ that Christ warned about. The increasing popularity of the books sold by these modern-day NAM gurus is frankly disturbing; they regularly stay atop of the New-York Times bestsellers list for consecutive months. It does however indicate that the masses of humanity are truly ripe for the deception to come, that we may all become ‘gods’ (Gen 3:4-5), as part of the collective consciousness to Christhood. This deception is spawned solely from communing with demonic spirits from the outset and I implore you today, to stay on the narrow path to salvation. Thank God for Jesus, because without him, we are lost.”

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