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Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

Few realize the founder of Planned Parenthood and the birth control movement (Margaret Sanger) had a traumatic childhood which was a contributing factor toward her eugenic ideology, later in life. Margaret was the sixth of eleven children, who grew up in destitute conditions with an alcoholic father. Margret’s troubled upbringing later compelled her to eliminate unwanted children and inferior races, as part of her Darwinist philosophy. Join Carl now as he explores the misguided convictions of Planned Parenthood’s founder and its subsequent impact on societal planning in the world today…

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“The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members… is to kill it.” Who on earth would say such a thing? And why?… Friend, I want you to pay close attention today because I’m going to share some information with you concerning the origin of Planned Parenthood and more precisely the woman who started it. You might get quite upset after hearing this message today because of the inflammatory rhetoric espoused by this ungodly woman I’m about to quote several times and the genocidal movement she spawned in the early part of the 20th century. Now, this lady is none other than Margaret Sanger and let me start out by quoting her from an interview right before her death, she said, “the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into this world who have disease, or no chance, being delinquents and prisoners…that to me is the greatest sin.” Well what does God have to say about children friend? In Psalm 127:3–5, He says Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: And the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; So are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: They shall not be ashamed, But they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

Now, the federal government funds Planned Parenthood today with hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Our hard earned tax dollars accommodate those who are ‘pro choice,’ effectively funding an abortion chain that started way back in Brooklyn, New York, in 1916. The truth is however, Planned Parenthood was never founded on ‘choice’ but a racist ideology under the banner of ‘eugenics.’ It also claims to be a non-profit organization but in 2014 alone, it made $127 million dollars. The good news is the number of enacted abortion restrictions through legislature are on the increase in most states, along with the requirement for parental consent, state minded counseling and waiting periods which are slowing the annual rate of abortions nationally. In addition the number of abortion clinics across the nation peaked in the late 1980’s at 705 but are currently declining into the high five hundreds. Unfortunately, these regulatory restrictions and reduction in the number of clinics have not prevented the death of almost 60 million children in the womb, since Roe Vs. Wade in 1973. In this country there are currently 4383 abortions every day, equating to approximately 3 abortions every minute. In a recent survey of Family Planning Perspectives, 76% of women chose an abortion because having a baby would, “change their life“, whilst only 1% chose an abortion because of rape or incest. Unfortunately it looks like some women have chosen to sacrifice their children on the altar of convenience.

Now friend, at the beginning of the 20th century, three of the most evil and pervasive movements were introduced into society and they were Evolution, Eugenics and Spiritism. Evolution of course posited our origin from apes and reduced men to beast like status, Eugenics was the platform introduced to cull so called inferior races by racist evolutionists and to top that, Spiritism was an adventure into the occult with its primary aim of talking to evil demonic spirits, posing as the dead or better known as necromancy. Our society today is still reeling from this three-pronged attack of redefining our culture on false truths, lies and misinformation instead of Holy Scripture.

Now eugenics by definition is “the belief in improving the qualities of the human species or a human population by such a means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed inheritable undesirable traits.” Margaret Sanger was a major proponent of Eugenics and perhaps second only to Adolf Hitler in its promulgation within society. She deemed certain races undesirable based on her own flawed bias, having no basis in scientific or scriptural fact, with her sole aim to destroy as many ‘undesirable children’ within the womb as possible.

But before we talk about Margaret, the founder of the birth control movement and credited with originating the term ‘birth control’, we must investigate her formative years. Now whenever we want to understand a person or what motivates them, it often pays dividends to investigate their adolescence and circumstances whilst growing up. Now, Sanger’s mother was a devout Catholic but her father Michael was a highly volatile man with radical political opinions and caused much division in his local town. Because of this, he was unable to provide for his household which comprised of a large family in New York State. In total Michael had eleven children and was a severe alcoholic. It is in this very traumatic and insecure atmosphere that Margaret Sanger was raised and eventually left her home as a very unhappy teenager. Could it be friend that because of her harrowing background, of witnessing destitute siblings, poor and starving, and evidently neglected by both her parents, that Sanger formed her erroneous ideology of eradicating unwanted children from the earth? She was witness first hand to the destructive and irresponsible behavior of her parents having too many children whom they couldn’t afford to look after and her own sterilization agenda was perhaps forged to mitigate her own families suffering and neglect.

How sad Margaret’s upbringing must have been, but no matter how bad it was, we must never let experience define our moral principles but the word of God only. We do certainly have compassion on a woman with such a brutal upbringing however, and that needs to be said. What is even more bizarre is that when Margaret finally married William a painter in 1902 and had three children herself, she remained very difficult to satisfy by all accounts. She detested domestic life by her own admission, so much so that she neglected even her own children, and the neighbors had to step in to intervene for their daily care. She then went on to meet her second husband who was a wealthy oil magnate called James Slee. Describing Slee she wrote to her secretary, “I don’t want to marry anyone, particularly a stodgy churchgoer…yet… how often am I going to meet a man with nine million dollars?” In 1921 Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, and she served as President until 1928. The league was one of the parent organizations of the Birth Control Federation of America, which in 1942 became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

It should be noted that Darwinism had a profound influence on Sanger’s thinking and led to the origin of eugenics. Her lifetime’s obsession was to reduce populations that she deemed unfit to exist including inferior races, such as Negroes, Jews, Slavick’s, Southern Europeans and Latinos which were ‘holding back mankind’ according to her. She also maintained that the brains of Australian Aborigines were only one step more evolved than chimpanzees and just under blacks, Jews, and Italians. Her words and efforts also spawned the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. She once founded the hateful “Negro Project”, where she called African Americans “human weeds” with her mantra being, “more children from the fit, less from the unfit.” Today’s Planned Parenthood unfortunately seems to be just as racist as its founder. International Planned Parenthood officials eagerly and readily promote condoms and abortions but not medicine or clean water for Third-World delegates attending United Nations women’s conferences.

Another liberal icon, lauded by academics, is evolution theorist Charles Darwin, who provided the intellectual underpinnings for 20th-century genocides of every kind when he wrote that “the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races.” Of course, Charles being Caucasian or white, didn’t include the white race in his list of inferior races…what a coincidence… lol. This racist statement would seem to warrant calls for Darwin’s expulsion from diversity-minded public-school classrooms or Universities, yet he remains a noncontroversial figure among many liberals even today.

Eugenics in essence is the creation of a master race by deciding who does and does not breed, supposedly strengthening society’s progeny. Sanger’s desire for ‘Supermen’ or ‘Ubermensch’, later became Hitler’s ideology for world domination. Sanger viewed ‘birth control’ as a societal problem, not an individualistic problem and that the state should be involved with these birth choices which according to her will ultimately impact the destiny of the human race. In fact, state interference or regulation of the family unit is not God’s agenda but a theme introduced in Plato’s Republic. Sanger also quoted HG Wells in her writings, who spoke often of the ‘meaningless eaters’, who waste earth’s limited resources. According to Wells, they do nothing to advance the human race and should be exterminated as a result. Wells and Sanger both described inferior races as ‘human weeds, clogging our path’s’ and ultimately ‘clogging the earth’. Elitist’s today, like Sanger and Wells seek to ‘cultivate their earthly garden through death of others’. It was HG Wells of course whose biological training was firmly rooted in a fundamentally Darwinian context as displayed by his writings. Unbeknownst to many, Wells was a founding member of the Fabian Society in England, whose sole aim was to establish a socialistic society putting their faith in evolutionary socialism rather than revolution. In other words, their mandate was to breed out the undesirables in time rather than kill them in mass culling on the streets and Sanger drew from Wells’ ideology in her writings also.

In the chapter, “cruelty of charity”, from Sanger’s book, “The pivot of civilization“, she describes injurious acts of charity to be ceased immediately and the sterilization of all races she deemed inferior. Sanger once said, “helping the poor was a sign our decaying society.” Early in her career, Sanger also became a follower of Thomas Malthus, the very same man who inspired Darwin. Malthus’s disciples—then called Malthusians or Neo-Malthusians—taught that ‘if Western civilization were to survive, the physically unfit, the materially poor, the spiritually diseased, the racially inferior, and the mentally incompetent had to somehow be suppressed and isolated—or perhaps even eliminated“. If we scour the comments of the current world’s elite; they have not changed their tune when it comes to this burning desire for Global population reduction. Right now, proponents of world population curtailment include: – Ted Turner, Dave Foreman, the co founder of Earth First, UT Professor Erick Pianka, Mikhail Gorbatchov, Al Gore, Thomas Friedman, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Prince Phillip and Jacque Cousteau.

A “Plan for Peace” was Sanger’s main publication with its main aim, “to apply a stern policy of sterilization and/or segregation, so they (inferior races) can be taught to become slaves to the superior races“. Sanger loved Nazi Germany; and even praised German Eugenics programs targeting the reduction of African Americans in another ungodly and repulsive strategy. In 1939, she wrote a letter to Clarence Gamble, to hire three colored ministers and have them preach to their congregants, ‘not to have any more children’. How sick and twisted is that friend, preaching sterilization from the pulpit instead of God’s word? As I’ve said in previous broadcasts, ‘Melanin‘ is the pigment in our skin that makes us a different color. All skin colors and tones stem from one man, Adam who had the DNA from which all skin colors could be propagated in time. Indeed, the same substance—a dark brown pigment called melanin—colors the skin of all humans. Individuals that have a lot of it appear to have ‘dark black’ skin; people that have little of it, appear ‘white’ and the devil has been playing us off against each other, with our skin color ever since

Men and women who are lauded by the world’s system can also be an abomination in God’s eyes and this bloodthirsty Margaret Sanger was listed as one of the most influential persons of the 20th century by Time-Life magazine but assuredly abominable in the sight of God, for her genocidal campaigns against His creation. In Sanger’s autobiography, on pages 366-367 she deemed about 70% of the world’s population to be inferior or ‘undesirable’. Her own term, ‘race embetterment’ sounds benevolent on the surface but her goal can only be attained at the expense of 70% of the current world’s population, who either need to be exterminated or outbred. Sanger’s views are recorded mostly in her works, “The Pivot of Civilization” and “Woman Rebel”, neither of which I recommend reading.

Sanger lived and died by her creed of the ‘Woman Rebel’, which is (and I quote) “the right to be lazy, the right to be an unmarried mother, the right to destroy, the right to create, the right to live and love.” And all these rights of course were defined by herself, not God’s word. No man or woman has the right to destroy or live a sexually promiscuous lifestyle as Sanger preached, without damaging both themselves and others. Because of her very difficult upbringing, and the death of her mother at an early age, Margaret Sanger chose to harden her heart towards God, instead of seeking Him for comfort from the pain she felt within. She redefined society based on her own hurts and wounds and this hardness of heart caused her to seek out and destroy innocent children in the womb, whom she deemed inferior, in direct rebellion to God’s word, all the while pushing the notion of ‘freedom of choice’. This, my friend is indeed the troublesome woman who founded Planned Parenthood. Her movement sowed the seeds for loosening sexual morality, increasing rates of illegitimacy and sexual immorality in the 20th century, and many claim that Sanger eventually died an alcoholic, addicted to painkillers, a bitter woman, feeling abandoned and alone.

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