17 Reasons Why Evolution is a Lie

Carl is a biblical scholar, minister, husband, father and life coach. In his mid-twenties he had a powerful encounter with God and saw miraculous healings as a result. He passionately shares these stories and empowers others to fulfill their God-given potential.

Evolutionary theory (not fact I might add) believes that eons ago life began in a water pool. Over millions of years an ‘algae’ or ‘primordial protozoon’ slowly developed limbs via a series of transformational events i.e., the algae grew an eye, then a leg, then became a fish, which then became a mammal etc.

Basically, this theory posits we evolved from ‘molecule to man’ or ‘particle to person’. This has become widely accepted within academic circles as ‘macro-evolutionary theory.’ Despite much evidence within creation for micro-evolution (explained shortly) there is no evidence for macro-evolution as many evolutionists would claim.

Jean Baptist Lamarck (1744-1829)

In the 18th century, Jean Baptiste Lamarck postulated “redundancy theory” i.e., that we lose bodily functions or parts through time, as we evolve (i.e., our little toe will soon be redundant as we no longer have need for it). In fact, evolutionary theory was first presupposed by the Grecian Philosopher Aristotle, then later developed by Charles Darwin.

Grecian Philosopher Aristotle (384-322 B.C.)

The predominant secular worldview that stemmed from Aristotle’s philosophy was brutal. It reduced man to ‘beast like’ status and originated the ‘survival of the fittest’ mindset so prevalent today, with morals discarded and primitive passions elevated to supremacy. The conscience of man did not evolve, it is a gift from God (Rom 2:15).

Our moral framework stems from our creator, which sets man apart from the animal kingdom. It tempers our inherent sinful nature, something which evolutionists refuse to acknowledge. The truth is, macro-evolutionary theory has no scientific proof and remains a flawed hypothesis, for the following reasons:

17 reasons why evolution is a lie

  1. God’s Omission Leaves Unanswered Questions: How did life originate from non-living matter? Ask any scientist, no-one has ever been able to recreate life in a test tube, nor will they ever be able to. This leaves us with the ‘Big Bang theory’ or highly advanced extra-terrestrials cross-pollinated our gene pool in times of antiquity. This belief is gaining traction in modern culture and known as ‘Panspermia.’ So, who created the extraterrestrials? We are back to square one. The chances of life developing from an unknown combination of elements is effectively the same as finding a needle in a haystack, as high and wide as the state of Texas. The odds are insurmountable and leads us back to one logical conclusion. Albert Einstein once said, “when the solution is simple, God is answering.” In this case the solution is simple enough, only creation answers the question of our origin and only a fool would believe otherwise (Ps 14:1). God has provided the answer in His word. It requires a lot of faith to believe in macro-evolution as we shall soon see.
  2. The Gap between the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms: At some time in the ancient past these two kingdoms have shifted apart, yet evolutionists have no explanation for this. Why only two types of kingdoms? Why not thousands? Why just animal and vegetable? Because God created the earth and everything follows after its own ‘kind’ (Gen 1:11-12, Gen 1:21-25, Gen 6:20, Gen 7:14, Gen 8:19). This is the order of things.
  3. Life Cannot be Reproduced Except by Life: Science has never been able to solve the simple equation of producing life. There is a limit to human wisdom. The chemist can separate a cabbage leaf into its component parts, but only God can take those parts and make a cabbage leaf. We can manipulate DNA, yet we cannot produce it from ‘nothing.’
  4. The Formation of Species Lines: Granted man is affected by his food source and environment to a certain degree there is no doubt (this is known as micro-evolution). However macro-evolution is based upon a change of inheritable characteristics of life forms which is not evident in nature. For example, climate might cause a rabbit to grow a thicker coat of fur; he will adapt to his environment and food will influence its strength and weight etc., but these changes die with the rabbit. DNA traits can be passed on as part of the genetic make-up, yet the species remains the same. A rabbit, is a rabbit, is a rabbit. This is where macro-evolution falls short. Relocating a rabbit from Texas to Alaska may cause a thickening of its coat as part of its adaptation within two to four generations, but it’s still a rabbit. The species is bound to its creative order.
It takes a lot of faith to believe in Evolution…I just don’t have enough faith.

5. There are No Transformational Species found in the Fossil Record: This is by far the largest flaw in macro evolutionary theory. For every sequence of evolutionary advancement along the line of species, we should find countless, if not millions of fossils that are half algae/half fish, half fish/ half-mammal etc. None of these have ever been found, despite scouring the fossil record. No ‘monkeys’ or ‘lemurs’ in the supposed line of man’s descent have ever been found. Evolutionists merely use their imagination to fill in the gaps. Also, there is practically nothing about a skeleton to indicate the body-lines of the animal that owned it. We are left to fill in so many gaps for ourselves. Carefully placing human and monkey bones next to each other behind museum glass doesn’t validate evolutionary sequencing. There have been numerous fossil frauds documented down the years where man has tried to authenticate evolution’s existence using the bones of ‘pigs’ or ‘monkeys.’ This merely proves the decrepit state of man in need of a savior, but doesn’t justify Darwin’s hypothesis.

6. What Stopped the Evolutionary Process? Why has the evolutionary clock stopped now all of a sudden? If we descended from apes, then why in the last few thousand years hasn’t there been a shadow of evolutionary change in the existing ape kingdom? These so-called human progenitors should currently be producing hybridized ape-man progeny for all to see but this is not evident. Scientists would have us believe that in five to ten generations, the common ape evolved into man, yet by comparison, it takes approximately 50,000 to 50,000,000 years to go from say a typhoid to malaria germ. This is a glaring contradiction and yet another ‘missing link’ that will remain missing.

7. Embryos Do Not Propagate: It is impossible to produce an apple seed from an apple without first producing an apple tree. Caterpillars do not produce caterpillars; they produce butterflies, which produce eggs from lava, which hatch to produce caterpillars. Evolution demands embryos be directly productive, yet these embryonic forms live side by side. If they really were embryonic and part of man’s lineage, then human mothers would give birth to baby lemurs. The boundary of species has been set by God and will never be breached unless hybridization of species is introduced in the test lab.

8. The Sterility of Hybrids: A true hybrid is a cross between individuals of distinct species. Let’s remember that breeding can induce changes of individuals within a species, but such changes do not change the species itself. Crosses produce true hybrids, and such hybrids are sterile. It is true there have been scarce reports of hybrids that were fertile, but it rarely occurs in mammals, birds or reptiles. A mule for example is the hybrid offspring of a donkey and a horse, and are typically sterile. The point being sterile hybrids cannot by nature form an evolutionary lineage culminating in man.

Supposedly, vast amounts of time cause magical things to happen…
yet the law of entropy does not validate this.

9. The Question of ‘Reversion to Type’: It is possible to improve varieties within a species by carefully controlled breeding. Let’s pick a Clydesdale horse as an example, which is a cross between a Cob and a Flemish Horse. If you were then to place a dozen or so of these prime Clydesdale specimens together (male and female) then every time, the progeny would return to the original Cob and Flemish types. This is known as ‘reversion to type’ and a biological fact. It directly refutes the evolutionary hypothesis.

10. The Unexplained, but Admitted, Failure of Evolution at Unexpected and Unpredictable Times: Many scholars agree there is no proof whatsoever of organic evolution, so why surmise this will take place in the Animal Kingdom? If there were but one species which remained unchanged, we might by a stretch of the imagination accept it as an exception to the rule. However, by observation there are hundreds of these species which remain unchanged, a fact that is admitted by even the most dogged evolutionist.

11. Conflict of the Theories of Evolution with Available Records: Archaeology has proven conclusively that man has experienced a cyclical pattern throughout history, traveling more of a circuitous route rather than a linear uphill climb. In Mesopotamia for example, man has gone from sophisticated civilization to the depths of savagery and back again some four or five times. Egyptian records tell a similar story. The conclusion is unavoidable; the earliest traces of man are of a simple yet nonetheless civilized culture greatly impacted by sin. Man did not build slowly toward a civilized state, he started there. The idea that man has developed from a bestial state of savagery in a linear progression to a state of civilization is based upon a theory which differs from mainline history and the biblical narrative. Man has been building complex structures and forging iron and brass for Millennia (Gen 11:9 and Gen 4:22).

12. The Co-Existence of Types: It’s a well-known fact that some species, formerly supposed to have descended from each other, actually lived side by side, e.g., our modern-day horse was believed to have descended from a three toed animal the size of a fox (eohippus). Then one day, the remains of our modern-day horse ‘hippus’ were discovered in the same drift with eohippus. The same can be said of other species including man, who has lived ‘side by side’ with apes from the earliest traces. We have concurrently existed with all animal and vegetable types for Millennia. In fact, the Biblical record speaks of Dinosaurs and man living side by side (Deut 23:33, Neh 2:13, Job 30:29, Job 40:15-17, Psalm 74:14).

13. The Constant Number of Species: The number of species on the planet has remained constant since the Tertiary period. This completely dismisses the entire basis of evolutionary theory. It states clearly that life has evolved from one single form, to form all various orders, families, varieties etc. as are found today. If that were true, the number of species would of necessity be constantly increasing, yet they are not. In spite of this evolutionists still harp on about this single form hypothesis.

Did you know Darwin was a failed theological student and never a scientist at all? The majority of the scientists of his day, refuted his evolutionary hypothesis.

14. The Question of Method: Darwinism speaks of ‘survival of the fittest’, Lamarck proposed the ‘use and disuse of faculties.’ Yung and Boffon favored ‘adaptation in a modified form’; however, none of these theories will stand the simplest test any child can apply. If survival of the fittest is true, then how come the house cat has conquered the dinosaur? Also, the humble rabbit and dog have outlived the Saber Tooth Tiger, Mastodons and Mammoth. In fact, the only remaining reptilia on earth are the smallest and weakest ones. This friend is not ‘survival of the fittest’, although I have seen some nasty poodles and Chihuahua’s in my time. Lamarck’s theory of redundancy falls short when we consider the ape species for example. Some have no tails, which are extremely good climbers in the wild, alongside other monkeys with long tails that are equally good climbers. I think we can agree most monkeys or apes are good climbers with or without tails. The reasoning for this exists in the mind of the creator who created them for His own good pleasure.

15. The Preservation of Species Lines: Modifications of characteristics in an individual are not transmitted naturally and do not tend to change the species. Occasionally individuals are born with abnormal or distinctive characteristics. Some individuals have been born with mutations and these have entered the gene pool due to man’s corrupted state. However, these occurrences are very rare. Despite these ‘throwbacks’ as the evolutionists call them (e.g., dwarfs, albinos, giant’s etc.) they do not transmit their unique characteristics to their offspring. They usually disappear in the first generation, only to have normal offspring in the next. Many scientists believe these mutations are a product of glandular deficiency or abnormality and not the result of heritage. We know that God gives people greater grace to cope with these abnormalities.

16. The Mystery of Skin Color: The cause of skin color is ‘Melanin’. All colors stem from one man, Adam who had the DNA from which all skin colors could be propagated in time. Indeed, the same substance—a dark brown pigment called ‘melanin’—colors the skin of all humans. Individuals who possess more of this pigment have ‘black’ skin; people having smaller amounts appear ‘white’. Melanin is produced by organelles called melanosomes, contained in special cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes are located in the bottom layer of the skin and produce melanin with the aid of tyrosinase and other enzymes. People with lighter-colored skin have smaller, fewer and less dense melanosomes than darker-skinned people.

When we stare the DNA Helix in the face…design stares back at us.

17. The Mathematical Difficulty Based on Current Population: Let’s do the math. Constant life span in species is the rule rather than the exception, so let’s assume that for sake of argument. From the time of Abraham (2160 B.C.) we can surmise the genesis of the Jewish nation to be approximately 2000 BC. Let’s use 1960 A.D. as a Datum. According to the almanac there were 20 million Jews, in Abraham’s time. Thus, we find the descendants of Jacob have doubled themselves 23.5 times in the 4000 years since the marriage of Jacob to his two wives.

Scholar’s date the flood to be 3500 B.C. If we begin with a family of eight (which was the number of humans in the ark) and use the same ratio of increase for 5500 years since the time of the flood, we estimate that by 1960 A.D., there would be 2,600,000,000 children of our father Noah in the world at that time. Records clearly show that in 1960 this was a fairly accurate estimate of the world population and if we project it forward, the number is close to eight billion today.

Now, let’s do the same math for the evolutionists, starting 50,000 years ago, and allow the same rate of reproduction (not accounting for wars, famines etc.). In this case the human family would have doubled itself more than 294 times. If this were true, every surface of the earth including the water mass would be covered in people to a height of 13 miles deep! Clearly this is not the case.

Evolutionists claim the human race would not begin with one trio (i.e., Ham, Shem and Japeth) but with a large number of trios, further dispelling the theory based upon current population estimates. Wait, there’s more, remember there are some 3 million animal species and most of them are much more prolific than man. Let’s just say we haven’t even considered them yet…we would be swamped under the weight of animal poop, let alone the animals themselves! After doing the math, current world population strongly conforms to the Biblical account.

If you want to make yourself unpopular within academia or any social circle, just make it known, that you refute evolution. Most likely, you’ll be labelled a fool by others, for doing so. Yet we know from God’s Word, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God” (Ps 14:1). Many of the so-called establishment academics and scientists are ‘fools’ in the sight of God. I want you to understand that evolutionary theory is just that, a ‘theory,’ not fact and requires a tremendous amount of faith. Faith, which I simply do not possess.

It is often said, “No scientist would deny the fact of evolution“, the truth is ‘no right minded’ scientist would affirm evolution as a fact.’’

The issue my friend has and always will be, a question of accountability. If man evolved, there is no sin, if there’s no sin, we’re not accountable for it, therefore Christ died in vain. If Christ died in vain, then what do we need God for?

Evolutionary theory is yet another concoction to sidestep man’s accountability to God. Yet in truth, Satan (the god of this world) has blinded humanity to God’s existence and utilizes man’s own reasoning for his benefit (2 Cor 4:4). Evolutionary theory is a prime example of this futile reasoning and only leads to perdition. Don’t believe the lies of today’s culture, choose today whom you will serve (Josh 24:15).

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Author- Carl G.M. Joseph


Why I Accept the Genesis Code” by John Raymond Hand.


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  • Thanks for sharing all this! There was quite a lot I never knew until now! Glad I got to learn a few new things!

  • Very good Carl.You talk like a man who has all his senses intact.This society is in a state of putrefaction.Just lies upon lies upon lies upon lies.I pity the young and naive who inevitably
    will fall prey to these apparently “very smart” college proffessors. They teach evolution as matter of fact,yet when someone sane like you starts to cross-examine their claims they start looking like the evil retards that they are.You’re too nice my friend,if I ever write a book on the subject I will absolutely crucify them(must be the Roman blood …).You should add what they say about the evolution of whales.They have a problem because these are mammals living in the sea who give birth to their young instead of laying eggs like all other fish.They say the whale devolved back in the sea from some kind of wolf that lived on land (over millions and millions of years). Crazy stuff !!!

  • Macro-evolution generally takes place over a very large span of time. Survival of the fittest means the ability to survive to reproduce and the ability for that progeny to survive. It doesn’t mean bigger, faster, and stronger species are more likely to propagate, it means organisms with traits best suited to the current environment are more likely to survive to reproduce. There are more than two kingdoms…and vegetable is not one of them.

    • Firstly, macro-evolutionary ‘theory’ does not exist in the natural species. Any adaptation observed occurs within the species. There is not one example in nature of species crossing the gene pool, thereby transforming from algae, to fish pod, to fish, to half-mammal, half fish, monkey, ape and finally man. I urge you to listen to the 17 points again and provide evidence of transformational species in the fossil record which have traversed the boundaries God put in place, namely, the adaptations (though minor) which reside ‘after their kind (Gen 1:25). The animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms were instigated by a creator who ensures progeny remains within those kingdoms. Hybridization whether biological or spiritual (Gen 6) is not in conformance with God’s ideals for living beings and are mostly corruptions of intended lineage. Macro-evolution is located in the fantastical realm, along with Mordor, Narnia, Disney-world and Wonderland. If macro-evolutionary theory were true, as posited by evolutionists, there would be millions of transformational species evident in the fossil record and evident in creation to this day, yet this is never observed. Attempts to find the ‘missing link,’ in the form of Nebraska man, Piltdown Man, Java man, Orce Man, Boule’s Neanderthal Man and so on, have been proven fake. There has never been, nor ever will be, tangible proof of species crossing the boundaries set by our creator.

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